About us

Who we are

M.A.D. Machining is a precision CNC Job shop fabricating both prototype and production machined parts.

We offer a number of in house services including:
  • EDM
  • Surface grinding
  • Engraving
  • Sawing
  • Welding
M.A.D. Machining works with all kinds of materials from Tool
Steels to Plastics. 
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M.A.D. Machining Named Supplier of the Year

MAD checked all of these boxes without any reservation for the following reasons:


  • You communicated bad information early so that we could make adjustments to our schedule if needed (favorable information was also communicated in a timely manner through the use of the priority spreadsheet and timely phone calls)
  • There was always a willingness to change MAD’s schedule, to align with FTM goals, even if this meant breaking a setup to do so
  • We consistently received fair pricing
    • If an order quantity needed to be increased to achieve better pricing you delivered this information before confirming the order
  • MAD is our only vendor that has been willing to hold consignment inventory


I want to personally thank you for your attention to detail and willingness to consistently deliver quality parts that meet our needs. It is rare to have a supplier that is as responsive, forthcoming, and honest as you have been and continue to be. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our continued partnership in the future!

Ryan Vogenthaler (FTM Innovations)